Product development

We adequately catch customer's needs, assume the improvement of customer satisfaction to be a principal object, and aim at the design and the development of the product.

Precision work

We offer the precise processing product manufactured from the most appropriate processing accuracy for the customer's demand by making good use of various processing technologies of cutting, grinding, the welding, and the chemical treatment processing, etc.

Service parts and consumption part sales

We will offer customer's machine used and to maintain it to the state and the function, we offer maintenance and the replacement part should originally.

Laboratory instruments and equipment

We take care of the laboratory instruments and equipment for the research used for various usages such as the science experiment, scientific experiments, the chemical testing, nanotechnology, and genomes.

Optical related products

We take care of various cells for the lens, the prism, the laser parts, optical fibers, and spectrophotometers and whole of the equipment related to the optics such as vacuum seal windows.

Biotechnology and MEMS

We will develop the microdevice that analyzes in biotechnology and the environmental arena and analyzes it by making good use of MEMS and nanotechnology such as the microchip biochips.

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